I am always asked, "Why Walt Disney.....what about him has you
collecting the autographs".  More than 20 years ago I was looking for a
book to read and found a biography about Walt Disney.  From the time I
started reading the book I couldn't put it down.  Here was a man that
had been through trials and tragedy, and yet he had created what is
probably the most widely recognized name and brand in the world. Soon I
was reading everything I could get my hands on, and then one day
someone called me and asked if I was interested in purchasing a Walt
Disney autograph.  It has snowballed from there.  Today, my daughter is
attending college in Southern California (studying Film and Television
Production) as a result of her college fund that was invested in Disney
Stock 20 years ago.  My son is currently a cast member at Disneyland
and has seen everything from Walt Disney's apartment to behind the
scene tours of the Disney Studios. Our family has been to Disneyland,
DisneyWorld, Tokyo Disney, and the Disney Wonder and Magic. My
collection of Walt Disney autographs has grown to nearly 50 pieces,
making it one of the largest private collections in the world.  And it all
started because of a book about a man from a simple beginning.
Life size bronze of Walt Disney
This is my favorite non-autographed
item in my collection.  I bought this
from a private collector, but don't
know anything about its' history
I think one of the best sources for more information on Walt Disney
is the Disney Family Museum in San Francisco.  You need to visit
this wonderful museum but for now just click on the link above and
you can visit it virtually
Why Walt Disney Autographs ?