This is a book I was fortunate to pick up in November 2007.  It is a great book and autograph for
several reasons.  The book itself is really big, almost 14" x 10" and it is in great shape.  The
autograph is bright and large.  And best of all, I bought the book from Al Zimmerman himself. Mr.
Zimmerman wrote the following in an email to me, "I grew up in North Hollywood, 15 minutes by bike
from the Disney Studio.  I mowed a neighbor's lawn that was an ink and paint girl at the studio.  I
had her take this book to the studio to have Walt Disney autograph it.  This was pre-Disneyland so
I frequently went over to the studio Saturday mornings for the tour.  Once in 1954 I bumped
literally into Walt Disney too dumbstruck to realize or say anything at the time."