The Story of Walt Disney - This book from 1955 is one of my favorite things to collect.  It is
the real story of Walt Disney, and it was written while he was still alive.  I have 5 of these books,
and they can be found in one of two autographed version (the thing that is unique).  If it is signed in
green ballpoint pen, like the one in the upper right, "Best Wishes Walt Disney", these came from
the Disneyland Mainstreet store.  When the book was finished, Walt Disney signed copies and had
them for sale at Disneyland.....for $3.95 !!  The books signed in black with just "Walt Disney" were
books that were signed in person.  One of my books even has an autograph from Walt's daughter
Diane Disney Miller.  While the book says it is written by Diane, she recently admitted she was too
young at the time and was not the writer.  I find more copies of this book than anything, but rarely
find one with a dust jacket in good condition.  As a result, I have had to buy unsigned copies of the
book just to get dust jackets for my signed copies.  Aside from the autograph, it is really a great to
to read to learn about Walt Disney, his family, and the Disney Company.