This 1955 children's book Robin Hood, is my favorite Walt Disney autograph in my collection.  I
have never seen another autograph like this.  First of all, it is personalized to "Paul", and then
there is a long note written in blockletters, and he signs it in cursive.  Even more interesting, the
Henry Stern Suite was at a hotel in New Orleans.  The seller told me Walt Disney and his wife
were in New Orleans on a fact finding trip, as part of the research for what would become New
Orleans Square at Disneyland.  Note how he writes "MY" at the end, in the line "My Thanks and
Best Wishes".  Most people incorrectly translate his "my" into "all".  He would sign something as
"My Best Wishes", and some will think it says, "All Best Wishes".  This is also one of the most
expensive autographs I've ever bought.....and it was worth every dollar to me.