There is a very unique and private place in Disneyland at 33 Royal Street, in
New Orleans Square.  It is the little known Club 33.  There are 500
members of this club (membership prices range from $8,000 - $27,000 plus
annual dues AND there is a 10 year waiting list).  Today's members continue
to enjoy the same very upscale dining experience and take in the same warm
atmosphere that greeted the club's original guests back in 1967 when it
opened.  If you ever have the opportunity to take the, "Walk in Walt's
Steps" tour, you'll get to step into the lower entry way.  I was fortunate to
have lunch in Club 33 several years ago.  Click on "Club 33" above and see the
photos I took.
Disneyland - "The Happiest Place on Earth"
Walt Disney's Apartment